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Myunggi (2014)

Myunggi (2014)
Director: Remo
Star: Kim Min-Young, Lee Sang-hoon, Kim Jung – Seok, gangyonggyu
Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Semi, 18+, 2014

Sinopsis Film Myunggi (2014) :

Madam night they do not know her skills! It knows how to make a real taste she comes! Integrity innocent scholar, a noble man Sahib, born hanryang, shielded power … there is only one man glances all the time in the world, capable of leading horyeong one beckoning stated, Marcia! Yeoyeomjip gyusu forsaken shipbuilding namjeongne to dissolve all of the secret night of her own technologies that should also take care I not even know are renowned reputation. But none of nighttime.l yiragon know chojeoljeong cheolbyeok have received the official announcement in the village of Nami Marcia! It is naive.(google translate)

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